2020 Fall Season Information


Fall season registration is now open!

The 2020 Fall Season WILL BE DIFFERENT, but at least we can get on the field and play some football! COVID-19 has changed the way we have to operate this fall. The good news is that teams will still play against each other (so long as things continue to improve) and kids will be able to have some "normalcy" again as they start school this fall. The NVFFL has also announced its return to play policies that align with VA and CDC guidance. Click HERE to view these policies. 

Registration is now closed for the NVFFL fall season.

Season Information:
All teams will play at least 6 games in the regular season. The top 4 teams in each Division will play in a single-elimination tournament, while teams not in the tournament will play "fun" games against other lower-placed teams. The fall season will start September 12 and end on October 31. Depending on how the season goes, we may have to play games on every Saturday between these two dates. This is shorter than usual to limit the amount of time kids will spend on the field, and limit the length of the season to prevent games from being played in November. All games will occur on Saturdays, with make up games possible on Thursday and Friday nights.  More information is below.

For players in K-12th grade, teams will consist of no more than 10 players and it is a 5 on 5 format. 

Friend and Coaching Requests:
The NVFFL strongly encourages playing with friends and works hard each season to make sure it can honor all friend requests. But, the best way to ensure that you get to play with requested friends is to coach a team! There will be no evaluations this fall season. We strongly encourage coaches and parents to not create super teams. Should this happen, it will not be fun for you or for all of the other players. This being said, it is very possible that one team in each division goes undefeated and one team doesn't win a game all season long. This has happened with and without player evaluations and in leagues where there are drafts.

In addition, the NVFFL cannot place your player on a team based on a desired practice location or day of practice. This is entirely up to the coach, and they have a very limited schedule to work around multiple player requests. If you have a demanding schedule, it may be best to look for a coach that can fit your schedule, coach yourself, or possibly look to hold off on registering your player to play.

Coaches are in control of when and where to practice. Practice parameters will be provided to the teams before the season begins and during the season. Teams can practice once a week and are limited to one hour. It may be that due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines for sports leagues, we will not be able to allow teams to show up more than 15 minutes early to their game to warm up. This is a change from past seasons.  

Game Location an Times:
All games will be played at the Virginia Hills Baptist Church at 6507 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, 22310.  Games will generally occur every Saturday anytime between 8am and 5pm, and the NVFFL works to try and have each Division play around the same time each week.  But, this is not a guarantee, so please be flexible as your game times may vary week to week. 

In addition, should there be a need to make up any cancelled games, make up games will be scheduled on future Saturdays as time allows.  If a Saturday is not available, games will be made up on Thursday or Friday evenings between 6-8pm.  

Weather and Cancellations:
The NVFFL hates to cancel games, but it is necessary from time to time.  We will play through rain, cold and heat, but we will postpone games due to lightning.  Should there be a need to cancel any games, the NVFFL will send an email out to all coaches and parents.

Refund Policy

In general, refunds will not be available once equipment is purchased for your player. This being said, we pride ourselves on working with families and making sure their experience is positive. Should an unforeseen situation arise, we are more than willing to work with your family regarding a full or partial refund. 

As you know, COVID-19 has shut down normalcy for the time being. While we hope that we will be able to hold the season, it may be that we have to cancel before the season starts or in the middle of the season. If we have to cancel before the season begins, everyone will receive a full refund. Should we have to cancel mid-season, partial refunds will be offered.