About the NVFFL

About the Northern Virginia Flag Football League, LLC.

Northern Virginia Flag Football League, LLC., is all about the experience - for players, coaches and parents. Our job is to create an environment where players can gain the experience they need to learn how to play the game in a competitive, fun and fair way; provide tools to coaches to be the best mentors and teachers they can be; and allow parents to enjoy a fantastic season watching their players give it their all.

NVFFL will provide youth and parents opportunities to engage in a flag football community that fosters fair play, competitive spirit, and a fun atmosphere. NVFFL pledges to fulfill this mission by:

  • Engaging with parents

  • Training coaches

  • Teaching correct technique and rules to the players

  • Having an open door policy to ensure that the league is responsive to needed changes.

To teach youth great sportsmanship, including how to gracefully and graciously win AND lose, and learn how to apply these lessons in life…all while playing the greatest game on earth!


Divisions in the NVFFL

Rookie Division

The NVFFL Rookie Division is for youth in Pre thru 2nd grade.  Players in 2nd grade may choose to move up to the Starter Division or attend the evaluation to determine if they can play in the Rookie Division. More athletically advanced 2nd graders should play up.

One coach can be on the field for offense and defense.

Starter Division

The NVFFL Starter Division is for youth in 3rd and 4th grade.  One coach can be on the field for offense and defense.

All Pro Division

The NVFFL All Pro Division is for youth in 5th and 6th grade.  Coaches must be on the sidelines in this Division.

Hall of Fame Division

The NVFFL Hall of Fame Division is for youth in 7th and 8th grade. Coaches must be on the sidelines in this Division.

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Legends Division

The NVFFL Legends Division is for all high school grade players. Coaches must be on the sidelines in this Division.

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The Commissioner

Cory ESPN.jpg

Hello, and welcome to the NVFFL website! I'm glad you're exploring a bit into what the league is all about. I thought it would be helpful to provide a little insight into who I am and why I started the Northern Virginia Flag Football League. LLC.

My name is Cory Martin. I've lived in the NoVa area for over 11 years, and during this time I've been lucky enough to coach multiple youth sports, including flag football, basketball and baseball. It started with my now 16-year-old son when he was 6, and continues with my 14-year-old and 10-year-old sons, and my 6-year-old daughter.

I love sports. I believe youth can learn so much through participating in them. From teamwork to leadership to learning how to win AND lose graciously, sports can offer so much to not only the players, but the coaches and parents. I've been able to forge wonderful relationships with people I may not have met otherwise, and even today have the opportunity to coach some of the same kids I  coached 8 years ago. These are relationships I'll value for the rest of my life, and hopefully they'll never tire of me inviting them and their kids to play pick-up games here and there.


One of the best things that comes through playing sports is learning how to overcome challenges in a setting where the outcome really doesn't matter. I know, tell that to my wife when my alma mater loses in football…but the opportunity to learn remains. Losses sting, and the older the players are, the longer the sting may last, but there are definitely opportunities for coaches and parents to teach their players and children how to respond to losing or any challenge that may occur on the field. It's an opportunity to teach youth to never give up, no matter what they may be facing. And again, all in a setting where the outcome really doesn't matter all that much, so long as the proper perspective is put in place.

Now don't get me wrong - I love to compete. I love to see two teams giving it their best on the field, strategizing how to overcome one another. And we'll have an opportunity this next season to see a lot of competitive games. But there are opportunities to teach lifelong lessons in both winning and losing, and I'm proud to have the NVFFL be a part of that.

So again, thank you for taking time to read a bit about me and my philosophy. Please peruse the rest of the site to get a feel on what the NVFFL is about. I hope to see you out on the field this season!


Need to Knows


Team Parent/Manager Responsibilities
So you're the team parent/manager? Congrats! You'll have a great time working with the coaches and players to make sure your team has a great season both on and off the field. If your team does not yet have someone to fill this critical position, please reach out to your coach and volunteer.

Below are some things that you may want to consider as you assist your team this fall:

  • Snack Schedule: Let's be honest - for most kids, this is the most important part of the game. Playing is definitely a blast, but win or lose, players look forward to the snack after the game. It is highly encouraged to set up a snack schedule with everyone on the team. Be sure to check for food allergies among your players. Also, snacks will be available for purchase at the NVFFL tent.

  • Team Party: You may want to consider holding a team party at the end of the season to celebrate. Please consider cost - I've seen multiple successful parties held at homes and out at local restaurants. If you're looking for a few good recommendations on restaurants that can accommodate groups, contact Cory Martin at cmartin@nvffl.com.

  • Game Day Readiness: There are a few things you can help out with on game day.

    • First, you can check with each of the players (and send a reminder email out before the game) to make sure they have a mouth guard. This is an NVFFL must - a player cannot play in the game without a mouth guard. If you forget one, you can purchase one at the NVFFL tent for $5.

    • Second, please check to make sure your players do not wear sport pants or shorts with pockets or belt loops. These are a safety hazard when reaching for flags, and all pockets must be taped before the game begins. We will have tape at the NVFFL tent to help with this, if needed.

    • Third, one parent from the home team will be needed to run the game clock. As the team parent/manager, you can take on this responsibility or assign it out to another parent on the team. The score and time keepers will have a designated place to sit on the same side of the coaches and players.


Be Creative! You have free reign to make the season as fun as possible. Want to coordinate will all of the fans to wear team apparel? Great! Want to create a banner that the kids can run through before the game begins? Go for it! Want to film games and give every player a copy of the season? Have at it! Have an idea but you're not sure if will fly - pass it by Cory Martin (cmartin@nvffl.com) to see if it will work.

NVFFL Weather Policy
This is football, a game meant to be played in the mud and rain. NVFFL games will be played in rain and/or snow, high winds and in high and low temps. If there is lightning, games will be postponed until 15 minutes after the last visible lightning or sound of thunder. If this postponement goes over an hour, games may be postponed until another day. This being said, lower grade division games may be cancelled if the weather is determined to be too extreme for them. Upper grade divisions will play through most weather events.

Please make sure your players are prepared for bad weather. Players may wear anything under their jersey, so long as their jersey is on the outside and clothes can be tucked in to the pants/shorts to provide for a clear view of the flags. During hot weather, please be sure that your players have and drink a lot of water. During cold weather, players on the sideline may cover up with blankets or coats - hand warmers are also good to have.

Game Cancellation and Make Up Policy
If games are cancelled for any reason, games will be rescheduled in this order:

  • Rescheduled on another Saturday, extending the season. If this is not possible, games will be

  • Rescheduled on a Saturday, doing a double header. If this is not possible, games will be

  • Rescheduled on a weeknight (Thursday). If this is not possible, games will be

  • Rescheduled on a Sunday, but at a different location.

Coaches, players and parents/guardians will be notified immediately of any cancellation via email and/or text (if you have signed up to receive texts).

Misc Team Rules to Be Aware Of

  • Mouthguards must be worn in order to play in a game. The NVFFL tent will have mouthguards for sale ($5) if one is not available.

  • Jerseys must be tucked in. Officials will give warnings for the first few instances, but penalties can be assessed should a player get the ball and their shirt is untucked (flag guarding).

  • Cleats (any kind - football, soccer or baseball) do NOT have to be worn, but it is highly encouraged.  No metal cleats are allowed.

  • Shorts or sports pants cannot have pockets or belt loops. If a player has pockets, he or she can tape them at the NVFFL tent.  But, if the tape continues to come off during a game, the player may not be able to play.

Partnering with NFL Flag plugs the NVFFL in to a fantstic network for flag football news, resources and events.  For example, NVFFL participants are eligible to participate in all NFL Flag regional tournaments typically held each fall.  Also, all NVFFL players will receive their very own NFL reversible replica jersey!  Lastly, coaches and parents can access valuable coaching and training resources to help their players improve individually and as a team. 


NVFFL is a Proud Partner of NFL Flag