Officiating in the NVFFL

Best Seat in the House!

You're on the field, watching the action as it unfolds right in front of you! If you love football and your playing days are behind you, officiating is a great way to re-engage in the sport!

Fast Paced and Fun!

Flag football is a fast paced and exciting game!  Officials have to be fast paced as well to keep a rhythm going in the game. You are a critical part of the action.  

Get Paid to Watch Football!

You love football? So do we! But one difference is that we get paid to watch it and you don't (at least not in the NVFFL)...unless you want to officiate in the NVFFL this upcoming season. No officiating experience is necessary, but it is preferred. Experience coaching youth sports, especially flag football, or experience playing flag or tackle football, is required to be considered. Pay is based on experience, but can be up to $15 per game (1 hour).

Interested? Please email NVFFL Commissioner Cory Martin at or call (571) 645-8375 to talk things over. Officiating isn't for everyone, but if it is for you, it's a fun filled way to spend a few hours outdoors participating in the greatest game on earth!  Well, at least a cousin of the greatest game on earth...

Vikings and Saints 3 - April 22