Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will the games be played? What days?
A. Games will be played at the Virginia Hills Baptist Church (6507 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, 22310). All games will be on Saturday, with games starting at 9am and going until around 4pm.  Should make up games be necessary due to any cancellations, games will be made up on Saturdays and possibly Thursday evenings.

Q. When do the spring and fall seasons typically start and end?
A. The Spring season typically starts in mid-April and ends in early June. The Fall season starts in early September and ends in early November.

Q. Do I have to set up an account with NFL Flag to register?
A. Yes, and it's very simple to do. Once you sign up for an account, you'll gain access to a ton of great information regarding flag football and future NFL Flag events.

Q. Is there physical contact in this league?
A.Contact occurs in all sports, even if it is unintentional.  This is a no-contact league, and penalties for excessive contact will be enforced. Tackling, blocking and stiff-arming is not allowed.

Q. What equipment is needed to participate?
A. Each participant will receive a league provided NFL reversible jersey and flag belt.Mouth guards are required. Cleats are not mandatory but encouraged. No metal cleats allowed.

Q. What size football should my child practice with?
A.The Rookie and Starter Divisions will play with a PeeWee size football. The All-Pro and Hall of Fame Divisions will play with a Junior size ball.

Q. What jersey size should I order?
A. Check the jersey size chart to determine the size you should order for your child.




















Q. How do I care for the NFL flag football uniform?

A. Machine wash cold with like colors on gentle cycle. Do not bleach, but use non-chlorinated detergent. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

Q. How much does it cost to register with NVFFL?
A. Registration differs each season, with the spring season typically a little less than the fall season due to one less game (6 regular season games instead of 7). Depending on if you take advantage of early bird registration rates and when you do eventually register, fees typically range between $155 and $210.

Q: How can I pay for my child's registration fee?
A: We are accepting credit and debit cards online. If you would like to pay by check, that's fine too. Please contact Cory Martin at or (571) 645-8375 to pay by check. Please keep in mind that your registration is not complete until your payment is received.  

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We understand that things can come up that are out of your control that may mean you need a refund.  We are willing to work with everyone in their circumstance.  With this in mind, in general, our refund policy is that refunds are given up to 4 weeks before the start of any season, minus a $30 admin fee. Within this 4 week window, refunds may not be possible. 

Q. How are Divisions sorted?
A. The league is made up of four divisions.

Rookie Division - Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade
Starter Division - 3rd and 4th Grade
All-Pro Division - 5th and 6th Grade
Hall of Fame Division - 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade

Some changes to the divisions may be needed depending on number of registrants.  For example, 2nd graders may play with the Starter Division in spring seasons.

Q. How many players are on a team?
A. NFL Flag is a 5 vs 5 league. No more than 10 players will be allowed to play on a team, and each team will have at least 7 players (unless otherwise approved by the league). Teams can play with at least 4 players, but the other team they are facing will still play with 5 players.

Q. What is the length of the flag football season?
A. The anticipated length of the spring season is approximately 7 weeks. 6 regular season games and one week of playoffs/championships.

Q. Will games be played in the rain and/or bad weather?

A. Games will only be cancelled if the fields are deemed to be unplayable. Cancellations will be posted immediately on the website as well as emailed to all the coaches and parents.

Q. My child wants to "Play Up" into the next age group, is that possible?
A. Yes. Playing up into the next age division is allowed. Since the registration system automatically places players into Divisions based on their age, simply add a note in the "Special Requests" field on the registration form to let us know that you would like your child to play up into the next Division and we will make the change. You may also email us your request. We do not allow playing down.


Q. How are the teams formed?
A.Teams are filled based on friend and coaching requests.

Q. When, where and how often is practice?
A. Coaches will determine what day and location practice will be held. Each team is allowed one practice a week during the regular season, unless there have a bye. Teams with a bye during the regular season may practice once a week during the week as well as once over the weekend.  Teams may practice twice a week before the season begins - once during the week and again over the weekend.

Q. Do you have a copy of the Rule Book?
A. The 2019 rulebook can be found by clicking HERE.

Q. When will I hear from my Coach?
A. You will receive an email from the league as soon as your child has been placed on a team indicating the team information schedule and coach's information. Your coach will contact you as soon as they are able before the start of the season to introduce themselves. If you haven't heard from your coach and the first game is less than a week away, please contact us for information.

Q. Will my friend of coaching request be honored?
A. We feel that the NVFFL has a pretty good track record of filling all friend and coaching requests.  This being said, we cannot fill all requests, and the earlier you register, the better chance you have of having your request honored.  If you are not willing to have your player play unless their request can be filled, please check with Cory Martin, NVFFL Commissioner ( before you register.  Registering first with a caveat that your player will not play for anyone except a certain coach will not work.  The NVFFL cannot guarantee that your request will be honored.

Q. Can I make other requests?
A. While the NVFFL has a pretty good track record regarding requests, we cannot honor any requests regarding day, time or location of practice.  These variables are determined by the coach, and sometimes teams have to practice on different nights each week due to a coach's personal schedule.  Please be flexible and willing to work with your team and coach.  

Q. I have other questions. Who do I contact?
A. You may contact Cory Martin, league Commissioner, by email at or cell at (571) 645-8375.

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