NVFFL COVID-19 Safety Policies and Procedures for the Fall 2020 Season

This season will be like no other (and hopefully the last time it will be like no other) due to the impact of COVID-19 on our daily life. As you know, Virginia has released several guidelines for businesses operating during the state’s Phase 3 plan to reopen the economy. Sports are allowed and we believe it is critical to get kids back out and playing sports as this will greatly benefit their mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Below are policies and procedures that will be in place this fall season to ensure that we can have a safe and fun-filled season this fall:


Game Play

  • Players on the field may wear masks, but will not be required to do so.

  • Each team will use their own game ball to reduce the amount of contact between all players on the field and the ball.

  • Sanitizer will be available to sanitize team balls on the sidelines.

  • Teams on defense will not be allowed to blitz. Offenses will have between 4-5 seconds to pass or hand off the ball.

  • Teams will not be allowed to use play cards passed around between coaches and players.

  • Officials will wear bandana masks to allow for the use of whistles, but breathing and air from whistles will not be projected forward out down and to the sides.

  • Players must keep their mouth guards in while on the playing field AT ALL TIMES. If they take it out while on the field, they will have to sit out until they can replace the mouth guard and sanitize their hands/gloves.

  • NVFFL highly encourages parents to purchase mouth guards that have a string or tag that can be cut to allow players to grab this section that is outside of the mouth when putting in or taking out the mouth guard. This will greatly reduce the potential for direct contact to the part of the mouth guard that is in the mouth. Click HERE for an example – the strap can be cut back to allow for a couple of inches to stick out of the mouth, creating an handle for the guard.

  • Coaches will not be allowed on the fields in the All Pro and Hall of Fame Divisions (and older divisions). Coaches will be allowed on the field for the Starter Division, but will have to keep at least 6 feet away from players in the “huddle”.

  • All Pro and older teams will be strongly encouraged to not huddle during game play but line up and have plays called to them from the sideline. The league will work with coaches to make sure they can implement an offense to work around this practice.


On the Sidelines

  • Coaches will wear masks

  • Only two coaches will be allowed on the sideline with their teams.

  • Coaches and teams must stay on their side of the sidelines/field.

  • Players sitting on the sideline will be required to distance themselves and wear masks. Markers will be placed on the field to designate where players should sit.



  • Spectators will have to wear masks.

  • Families may sit together. Children are not allowed to roam the sidelines and throw balls to each other. 

  • Spectators must distance themselves while watching the game and will not be allowed to sit on the same sideline as the players.


Team Practices

  • All practices will take place at the Virginia Hills Baptist Church fields during the week. Coaches will sign up for one-hour practice times each week, and these times will be reserved for each team for the remainder of the season.

  • Teams will have one hour to practice, with 10-15 minutes between each practice. Teams will need to vacate the practice fields as soon as their practice is over to allow other teams to use the fields.

  • NVFFL will work with coaches to create practice plans that allow kids to learn the game while adhering to VA and CDC guidelines.


  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the NVFFL tent.

  • Concessions will be available but limited.

  • Team snacks should not be homemade, but individually packaged.

  • Players, coaches and parents will need to check in before each game as we are required to confirm that no one has had any COVID-19 symptoms before game play.


Specific Virginia Phase Three guidelines for recreation sports can be found HERE (see page 23). These guidelines suggest maintaining ten feet of physical distance between instructors, participants, spectators, where practicable. While there are other guidelines as well, this is the one we get most questions on. We believe we can achieve this in all areas on the field except for game play, where it is not practicable.


We are very excited to move forward with our fall season and hope to be able to do so while keeping safe. We believe that these policies and procedures will maximize our ability to stay say and have a blast playing football. This being said, there will be a higher risk of coming in contact with someone carrying COVID-19 anytime you leave you home, and this includes playing or watching sports.  


Please let Cory Martin, NVFFL Commissioner, know if you have any questions regarding our game play this coming fall season.

NVFFL Fall 2020 Season Field Map

NVFFL 2020 fall season waiver and release form

NVFFL Field Map.png