Player Evaluations

Sign up to participate in one of two player evaluations for all players in the Starter (3-4 grade), All Pro (5-6 grade) and Hall of Fame (7-9 grade) Divisions. Rookie (K-2 grade) Division players do NOT need to participate in player evaluations. 

Evaluations will be used to help fill teams. Coaching and friend request will be honored to the fullest extent possible.  While not a perfect science, these evaluations are used to help create parity between teams.

There will be two player evaluations for the fall season - August 10 starting at 3pm and August 17 starting at 9am. Players will run through a handful of drills to test their speed, quickness, receiving, throwing, and flag pulling skills.  Each evaluation will begin with Stater Division players, then progress to All Pro Division players, and end with Hall of Fame Division players . Players are encouraged to wear cleats and have mouth guards, but these are not required.