2020 Spring Season Information

Registration for the 2020 Spring Season is Now Open! 


We're dumping an "F" in NVFFL this spring season and replacing it with a "P" as we're very excited to run
a 6 on 6 passing league this spring season! The 6 on 6 passing league is a fun, competitive, non-contact way to

play football. It is all passing, played on a 40-yard field plus end zone, and allows scoring both on the offense and defense. Passing and catching take a great deal of practice to master, and participating in a 6 on 6 league offers athletes of all levels an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills. The passing league will be or the All Pro and Hall of Fame Divisions (players in 4th through 9th grades). For players in 1st through 3rd grades, teams will play regular flag football (5 on 5, with teams up to 10). All leagues will play flag football in the 2020 fall season - the passing league is this spring only!


Here are some examples online of high school 7 on 7 passing leagues - click HERE and HERE. While they are a bit more intense than what we'll have in the NVFFL this spring season, the game is essentially the same. 

Some general rules for passing leagues that differ from flag football:

  • No flags to pull - it's two hand touch.

  • Centers are not eligible receivers - once they snap the ball, they stand there until the play has ended.

  • The defense is not allowed to blitz.

  • Both the offense and defense can score. The offense can score a TD and go for a one or two point conversion. The defense can gain points by stopping the offense from scoring (turning over on downs) and getting an INT. 

  • Games are 40 minutes and the clock runs all the time, except the last minute of the game when the time is kept like real football (clock stops on all dead balls). Each team has one time out per game. 

  • It's passing only - no handing the ball off or laterals, nor can the QB run the ball. 

Info on the upcoming season - 

  • Passing league will be for divisions include All Pro (4-6 grade) and Hall of Fame (7-9 grade). The NVFFL will run a Starter Division for 1st through 3rd graders playing regular flag football.

  • Feb. 16 - Early bird rate ends ($105) and the registration fee will increase to $125.

  • March 16 - Late fee kicks in, raising the registration fee to $150.

  • Week of March 30 - team rosters are released and practices may begin.

  • Week of April 13 - season schedule will be released.

Season Information:

All teams will play 5 games in the spring season, including at least one playoff game.  The spring season will start on April 18. All games will occur on Saturdays, with make up games possible on Thursday and Friday nights.  More information is below.

Teams will consist of no more than 12 players, and it is a 6 on 6 format.

Friend and Coaching Requests:
The NVFFL strongly encourages playing with friends and works hard each season to make sure it can honor all friend requests. The same is true for any coaching requests. Team placement is done on a first come, first serve basis, so it is important to register and make your requests early. The NVFFL cannot guarantee that any or all requests will be honored, but the earlier you register, the better the chances you have of having all requests honored.

In addition, the NVFFL cannot place your player on a team based on a desired practice location or day of practice. 

Coaches are in control of when and where to practice.  Before the season begins, teams are allowed two practices a week - once during the week and again on the weekend.  When the season begins, teams may only practice one day a week, and are allowed to arrive early at their game on Saturdays to warm up.  If during the season your team has a bye, your team may practice that Saturday as well.  

Game Location an Times:
All games will be played at the Virginia Hills Baptist Church at 6507 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, 22310.  Games will generally occur every Saturday anytime between 8am and 5pm, and the NVFFL works to try and have each Division play around the same time each week. But, this is not a guarantee, so please be flexible as your game times may vary week to week. 

In addition, should there be a need to make up any cancelled games, make up games will be scheduled on future Saturdays as time allows. If a Saturday is not available, games will be made up on Thursday or Friday evenings between 6-8pm.  

Weather and Cancellations:
The NVFFL hates to cancel games, but it is necessary from time to time.  We will play through rain, cold and heat, but we will postpone games due to lightning.  Should there be a need to cancel any games, the NVFFL will send an email out to all coaches and parents.