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Coach Zero to Coach HERO!

Coach Hero to Coach Zero is a complete guide to help you learn everything you need to be a successful flag football coach. If you are new to coaching, or just looking to add some new elements to your playbook, this is the book you’ve been looking for. Written by Kyle Albert, who coached in NVFFL for four seasons, it includes everything he learned from 13 seasons of coaching 2nd graders all the way to 8th graders. The ebook includes tons of information on things like:

  • Fundamentals of sound offense and defense that work across different age levels and athletic abilities

  • How to run practices effectively

  • Drills for use in practice to help the kids build skill and confidence

  • How to call plays from the sideline or from the huddle

  • Strategies for managing all aspects of the game

  • A complete offensive playbook

You can purchase the eBook, Kyle’s single page play calling sheet, playbook wristband template, and editable offensive playbooks so you can easily tweak the plays to suit your team. 


Kyle is offering a 20% discount to NVFFL coaches who use the code NVFFL2019 at checkout.

Click HERE for more information and to purchase your eBook!